Ben Cook aka Young Governor (Fucked Up, The Bitters, Marvelous Darlings, No Warning)

Ben Cook’s discography might be bigger than your record collection. Just this year alone, there’s been a few Young Guv releases (1 , 2, 3, 4, 5), a compilation of all the Marvelous Darlings singles (vinyl / tape), a new Fucked Up album, and even a few records that he’s recorded and produced (1, 2). It’s safe to assume that he’s not slowing down any time soon and at the rate that he’s going he will eventually have his own Wikipedia page. I asked him if he wanted to talk sports and he said anything soccer / Man City related, so here is an extremely short interview with the Guv:

First off, how the hell did you end up becoming a Manchester City fan?
When my grandfather died it came to the familys attention that he had been married previously before my grandmother. She knew, but no one else did. He had another daughter, and my mum found out she had a half sister she never knew about. I met this new side of my family who were all from Manchester. I had been following English football for a while, but felt silly just picking a team to support without any affiliation. They were huge blues and even had an old turnstile from Maine Road on their lawn. City were the obvious choice for me after that. I’ve gone to games with my new cousins, my uncle took me to the stadium and bought me a shirt with “GUV” printed on the back. This was before the money, and before we were the goal scoring monsters we are now… but we’ve always been the best.

I’ve noticed that every year Manchester City ends up higher and higher in the Premier League standings and now this year, so far they are in first right in front of Man United and they just won the FA Cup in May after a long ass time of no major trophies. What do you think they are doing differently now then they were before?
Well obviously they have the money and backing to buy great players, and Roberto Mancini has really done wonders with a team of stars who def need a hard headed manager to keep them in line. What he has done with Balotelli is amazing. He is having a great season, and one of my favourite players… ever. He is the greatest sports personality in the world right now, and backing it all up with his playing. It definitely all comes down to the middle eastern money. We’ve overhauled the entire team in a matter of 3 or so years. I’m loving every minute of it. When I started following City we were finishing 8th, and 9th in the league. It was shit. So now city fans everywhere are getting what they deserve. Goal after goal after goal….. Forza Mancini.

Any predictions for the rest of the season?
I don’t want to jinx anything.

What would you do if David Beckham joined Toronto FC?
I wouldn’t give a fuck. I would never go. Fuck that guy.

Fuck that guy is right. Listen to Young Governor’s “Firing Squad” that came out earlier this year on Plastic Idol.

You can see Ben’s discography on his blog: No Guv No Luv. You can also buy some of his records directly from him on there too. And go buy Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life LP from your local record store. Hyperlinks out the ass.


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